6 Little Pre-Sale Investments That Can Raise Your List Price by Up to $10,000

pre sale investments

When selling a home, the goal is to get the highest offer price (and profit margin) possible with the best conditions for you. Everyone has their own way of trying to attain this, from first completing extensive renovations, to doing almost nothing and hoping that the market carries them through.

Most often the best course of action is to do some sprucing up before the “For Sale” sign goes on the lawn. However, the key is to do things that don’t cost too much yet bring a significant increase to the listing price, or at least the price that buyers are willing to pay for your home.

Here are 6 ideas that I have seen work in the past and could be something for future sellers to consider doing before putting up their properties for sale:

  1. Deep Clean

Nothing is as distracting for a potential buyer than a dirty and messy house. Though you might be able to get a good level of cleanliness and tidiness achieved on your own, it’s worth the extra money to get a professional deep clean of the space. From steaming the curtains to washing the carpets, it often requires heavy duty tools you might not have on hand. The effect will be spectacular, as you will see your floors shine, your tiles sparkle, and your counters gleam. Don’t overlook the windows! Buyers will be looking out of them to see the view and a poorly washed window can be interpreted as a sign of poor upkeep and management.

  1. Staging

Professional staging might seem like an added expense to the home selling process, but it’s one that can give a lot of value, especially if your personal style doesn’t jive well with the mass populace’s. You can give your home a more upscale vibe by getting a professional company to come in and bring props (that you don’t have to buy) to create a more put together aesthetic, including art, furniture, décor pieces and more.

  1. Paint

This might sound elementary but it truly works. A fresh coat of paint can go a long way, especially if you haven’t painted your walls for a while. Repainting the entire home might be a heavy investment, but choosing a few rooms that need the most help and giving them a facelift is a worthwhile project. Buyers today are liking cool neutral colours and shades of white, which thankfully also create the feeling of bigger, brighter spaces. If you are worried about the effect being too sterile, consider putting up some wallpaper on one wall as an accent piece.

  1. Light Fixtures

Modern light fixtures can make a big difference to the aesthetic of the home, creating an updated look in every space. Eye catching chandeliers, interesting wall lamps, and cool lightbulbs don’t just help the home look more “en vogue”, the buyers feel like they are getting a lot of value since these will be left behind with the home unless stated otherwise. You might spend a few hundred on updating these fixtures, but can easily charge an extra few thousand now that your home is so much more stylish.

  1. Kitchen Cabinets

If your kitchen is looking a little dated but there is no time or room in the budget to do a full rehaul, consider this little hack: replace or repaint the cabinet doors while leaving the rest of the kitchen intact! You don’t need to demolish everything you have, but new doors and fixtures, or even just a coat of paint or stain, can give your kitchen an entirely new look for just a fraction of the price.

  1. Mirrors

Mirrors aren’t just for checking your reflection in before you run out the door. Mirrors also reflect light within a room, making it more spacious and adding a décor element with its shape, frame, and size. Every style and taste will appreciate mirrors spread throughout the home, also sparing you the need to put up as much art, which might or might not appeal to potential buyers.



Selling a home is often one of the only opportunities that you will be able to make such large margins with a single transaction. Make it worth your time and the effort you have been putting into up keeping your home in the last few years but just putting on those finishing touches that can get you to the finish line: a lucrative offer.

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