What else can be said – housing markets have maintained unpredictable strength. Government leaders and even bankers have been, what’s termed as, “jawboning” the housing market, in attempt to limit what seems like unending price changes. Is it working? Is it levelling? It’s too early to tell. But they continue to talk a fine line, with a goal of “calm”

For sure, there has been a lack of homes and even condos for sale in many neighbourhoods. Supply and demand affects so much. Even if you’ve just toyed with the idea of selling, it’s a terrific time for us to be in touch.

As for interest rates… inflation continues to peg on the lower side of the BoC’s parameters, which likely means stable interest rates. Steady rates are good for home buyers, sellers and good for businesses. The pain point for some is the weak Canadian dollar compared to the U.S. green-back. However, the silver lining is that economists are looking at our low dollar to strengthen exports.

According to Export Development Canada (EDC), higher commodity prices will fuel a 6 per cent increase in our overall export performance for 2017. Plus, they’re looking at global growth to further boost Canada’s international sales by 5 per cent next year.

There are no crystal balls, but positive indicators here and in global major markets continue to point to an upswing in economic growth momentum.

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