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home renovation trends


A common motivation behind home renovation projects is to increase the value of your home when the time comes to sell it. However, if you want to be really smart about it, you’ll do your home improvements with future buyers’ tastes in mind. Here are some recent trends that buyers are crazy about and look for in the house of their dreams:


  1. A Smart Home

Though some can still appreciate a “vintage” look and some outdated “character”, even these old souls will love having smart home technology. Being able to access your security system from your smartphone or have an efficient NEST thermostat take the reins on heating and cooling is something everyone has on their list. It’s an investment you can easily recoup and doesn’t usually take too much effort to install. Another “smart” tool is a leak detector which can warn you (and the future owners) of potential water damage before it happens.


  1. Stainless Steel Appliances

Whether or not you have remodeled your kitchen in the last 10 years, having stainless steel appliances gives the impression that you have just finished putting in that new counter. The quality of these appliances is clearly high, but the bonus “new kitchen look” comes free. If you really want to catch their eye, look for matte stainless items, the newest trend in kitchen appliances.


  1. Minimalist Finishing

Don’t worry about purchasing new crown molding and putting in ornate faucets in the bathroom. This purchasing generation is all about minimalist and basic finishings which blend in with the house. Choose simple elements, light colors, and let their imagination and personality do the work. Millennials like a clean slate to work with.


  1. Open Concept

This trend has been around for a while now, so if you haven’t already addressed it in your home, the time to do it is now. Fewer dividing walls mean bigger, more versatile spaces for entertaining, working on your hobbies, or just relaxing on a weekday. If you want to break up the space into more “nooks”, use your furniture and decor to give the illusion of separate, more dedicated rooms instead of permanent walls.


  1. Low Maintenance

Few today have the time to perfectly maintain their homes, so the fewer “needy” aspects there are the better. This applies to everything from countertops, filters, landscaping, and flooring. Even if you appreciate the real wood butcher block counters, your buyers might be wishing there was a great laminate imitation instead which is easier to care for. This is a low-maintenance approach is a bonus for home owners having trouble finding the budget for extensive renovations.


  1. Green, Clean, (+ Affordable)

Everyone likes the idea of being green, so remember to put your eco-glasses on as you choose your renovation projects. Choose options which are environmentally friendly and energy conscious. Your potential buyers want to check the box for energy saving appliances and initiatives in the home.


  1. The Tub

Take it back old-school with the tub and install a freestanding model. Not only will it free up some space in your washroom, it gives a sense of luxury and provides opportunities for many “instagram worthy” spa evenings.  Bonus points if it’s a clawfoot model!


  1. Natural Stone

If you really want to create a “wow” scene in your home, use some natural stone in your design. Whether that means marble tiles or a quartz countertop, you show respect to the beauty of nature while transforming your interior into a high-end space. No one can deny the value of this kind of luxury!



Though these trends might not all appeal to your personal taste, remember that if you are planning to resell in a few short months or years, you might want to think about what the buyer would like to see in their future home. This mindset can set you ahead several thousand dollars when the time comes, you’ll see!


Urszula Kudla is a member of Team Home & Loan, Peak Realty Ltd. She has lived in the Kitchener Waterloo area for the last 19 years and loves working with people looking to relocate to her hometown. In addition to her local work, she is a Certified International Property Specialist and has completed additional training to make her an Accredited Senior Agent.

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