Why Kitchener Waterloo is the Best City to Raise a Family in

best city to raise a family

Almost everyone has a point in life when they want to benefit from the energy and anonymity of the big city. However, after a few years of personal and professional experience, many decide that they want a different pace for their family. They look for areas that are safe, affordable, have good school boards, and give their kids (or future kids) opportunities for growth.


They look for places like Kitchener Waterloo.


With a population of 583,500 and an average home price of $458,750, the Region of Waterloo has become attractive for those considering leaving Toronto or even those moving from other areas of Canada or abroad. What are those key features making it a winner for many young families?

  1. Good Size

This is of course a relative and personal term, but many find that it’s “just right” in term of size. There are many amenities for kids and families, from high level music, sport, and cultural attractions, without the traffic, crime, and other big city “vices”.  From finding a place of worship that lines up with your faith, to niche sports like water polo or horseback riding, Kitchener has the population to support these services without too much “hustle and bustle”.


  1. Proximity to Toronto

If a member of your household needs to get to Toronto on a regular basis or you are looking for new attractions, the big city is only an hour drive or a train ride away. While still retaining its own identity, KW is actually quite close to Toronto and there are many people who commute there on a daily basis for work, business, or school. With further investment into the GO trains, the journey is about to get even easier.


  1. Developing Transit

Once your children get to the age where they want to be independent, yet don’t have their own cars, knowing that they can get around safely by transit is crucial. Whether it’s to school, work, or meeting up with friends, teenagers and adults alike can take advantage of an efficient transit system like the Grand River Transit to get them from point A to point B. If you really want to make the most of this feature, you’ll want to live close to the new ION Light Rapid Transit Line that will be coursing through the main arteries of the city.


  1. Affordable

Starting a family often coincides with a time when you are not yet at the peak of your earning potential and still have other expenses like student loans to deal with. Being able to comfortably afford a home that works for you and your family, amidst changing mortgage rules, is definitely something many struggle with. Kitchener Waterloo, while still a great investment market, is much more affordable than neighboring markets like Mississauga or Toronto.


  1. Healthy

Choosing a place to live that allows you to raise your family in a health-conscious way is a priority to many young families. KW is known for its fresh, organic produce grown locally by farmers, as well as a wealth of beautiful outdoors spaces for an active lifestyle. It’s so much easier to live a healthy lifestyle when there are so many affordable farmers’ markets and speciality grocery stores available.


  1. Centrally Located

With its location on the 401 and central geography in the middle of the “southern Ontario peninsula”, Kitchener is well connected to other cities, meaning more meet-ups with family and friends. You’ll want the in-laws to be comfortable coming to your home, and Kitchener is as hassle-free as it gets.


  1. World-Class Education

Last but not least: schooling. Kitchener Waterloo has a wide variety of schooling options for kids, from Montessori preschools, to French immersion schools, ones offering specialized programs like AP and IB, private schools, alternative schools, even homeschooling support groups! Any way you choose to do it, Kitchener Waterloo has an education option for your family. Once your kids get to the age when they start applying to college and university, there are amazing local post-secondary options like University of Waterloo, Wilfred Laurier University, and Conestoga College. Even if they decide to go somewhere a little further, there are plenty within an hour driving distance, meaning you’ll (hopefully!) see them more often than for Thanksgiving and Christmas.



Want to see what Kitchener Waterloo has to offer? Get in touch with a local agent and take some time exploring your many options in the area. Hopefully you’ll find that we’re a good fit for your family, like we are for so many others.

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