Landscaping Trends for 2018 that the Low-Maintenance Homeowner Will Love

permeable paving

Whether you have just moved in and consider your new yard a clean slate, or really want to update your garden this year, the landscaping trends of 2018 have inspired me to start planning early and keep an eye out for the items that I need to turn my property into an oasis.


Did you, like I, used to think that a vegetable meant a trade-off with a beautifully landscaped yard? That’s not the case! Now more and more landscaping thought leaders have been using edible plants as part of the landscaping of the property, not just in designated garden beds. Enjoy the beautiful foliage and colours as they mature, and then harvest the veggies for some home grown goodness when the time comes.

foodscaping trend

Photo:Clay Perry/Corbis


There isn’t enough time in the day to keep up with everything that needs our attention in the house, as well as outside it. Trend-setters are people like us, and realize that the lower maintenance a yard is, the better it will look in the long run. Choose plants that don’t require constant pruning and can go without additional watering from you.

low maintenance garden

Photo: Dario Fusaro


Sound of Water

Not every yard has room for an excessive water fountain or even a pond. However, no one can deny that the sound of water is naturally very soothing and can add a “zen vibe” even to the smallest yard. There plenty of options out on the market today from water walls, free standing waterfalls, to custom water features that you can design and assemble yourself.

small water feature

Photo: Edward Pond

Local Plants

To keep your yard as naturally beautiful as possible, choose native, local plants over imported alternatives. Not only will these flourish without as much involvement on your end, they take part in sustaining local pollinators like bees and butterflies. With sustainability being top of mind for many looking to make changes to their landscaping this year, these local plants help mimic what the land would look like if we hadn’t altered it for our own needs.

local plants

Photo: Cheryl Turner


Permeable Paving

In addition to the cool aesthetic of the permeable paving, it also helps with storm water management on your property. Instead of water just sliding off of the surface of your pavement, it has a chance to soak into the soil and filter down into the groundwater system. Once again, it’s a more eco-friendly option that also happens to look amazing for potential buyers!

permeable paving

Different Grasses

Keeping a lawn green and lush all season is hard work. The watering, fertilizing, application of pesticides, mowing, raking and more often has people just enlisting the help of a lawn service. Save some money, time, and sweat, and instead plant some different wild grasses, or at least line your lawn with them to decrease the surface you need to care for. It will give a natural, exotic look while breaking up the monotony of your “needy” grass.

grass alternatives

Photo: Bungalow Classic


Beautiful landscaping is an investment that not just the homeowner gets to enjoy- it’s also a great selling feature when the time comes. Thinking of it as an extension of your indoor living space will give you maximum value; both now and when listing.


What’s your landscaping plan for 2018?


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