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post moving day


It seems like everyone gets worked up on preparing for the big move, but how do we best deal with the aftermath?

I have personally moved quite a number of times, and of course, have been part of the relocation process for more people that I can count. Though preparing for moving day can make things go much more smoothly, many seem to overlook how to best work through the days following.


I invite you to download my free checklist for easy checkmarks as you progress through the final stage of the moving process but keep reading for a more detailed explanation of each step and how it will make your new home more like home.


Inspect & Clean


In the contract you signed with the sellers of the house or apartment, you will have had inclusions and exclusions mentioned, including certain items that might have been disclosed “as is”, like appliances or external features. Before you start unpacking your boxes, do a walk through of the property- inside and out. This is your chance to do a thorough inspection to ensure that this house is in the same condition as it was when you signed the paperwork.


At the same time, you’ll want to tackle the muddy footprints the movers left on your floors before you start rearranging the furniture. This is your opportunity for a deep clean: wash the carpets, polish the floors, and clean/paint the walls. Once you start nesting, it becomes more difficult to reach some spots.




This is an obvious step, but the way to go around it might not be a reflex for most. Instead of having each room in an equal state of chaos, plan your approach and unpack room after room. If you have kids, their rooms might be high on the priority list as having their items out might give you more liberty to continue with the rest of the house. Others might see the kitchen as the first space to tackle- a home isn’t a home until there’s a home cooked meal made in it! Cut and fold your boxes as you go, decluttering your home and giving you a sense of progression as you move through the house.


File All Paperwork


There’s a lot of paperwork associated with moving. From closing documents, to new insurance policies and receipts from your moving team, you’ll want to organize and file these loose leaves as soon as possible. Once you start unpacking, there will be a lot of stuff everywhere, and the last thing you need amongst the confusion is missing paperwork. Keep everything, from new passwords, receipts for cardboard boxes, etc. You’ll be surprised to see what is considered tax deductible!

Set Up Security System


Though I’m sure you chose a great neighbourhood to move into and you’re excited about your new community, a security system is always a great investment. Not only will it lower your insurance premiums, it will deter break-ins. New people on the block are often easy targets as we all know that “Settling in” can take some time, and all the goods are easy to grab and take. Prove everyone wrong by being on top of your game and having this all sorted out as soon as possible.

Fire Alarm System Check


It’s natural to have issues falling asleep in your new home for the first few nights. But you will sleep a lot more soundly once you have your fire alarm system set up and checked by a professional. You don’t know when the batteries were last replaced, or the sensors last tested, so take it upon yourself to do it once you move in.


Update Your Address


Pulling up your roots can be a bit of a hassle, especially when you have a long paper trail following you. It’s gotten easier now that so many things are digital, however, there are still of bunch of places that will require you to call in or visit in order to change your address. It’s especially important for places where you get a lot of (or very personal) mail from including investment companies, life insurance, etc. If you want to make it somewhat easier on yourself, you should consider the address change service with Canada Post. It is a paid service but could save you a lot of grief down the road.


Call Your Insurance Company


Though you have probably already sorted out insurance before moving in, it never hurts to check in once you move in and have more details. Don’t forget to mention things like your security system, any updates related to plumbing, electrical, or more. These can save you money on a monthly basis. Don’t be afraid to ask what you can do to further lower your premiums or if there’s anything that they can do from their end.

Introduce Yourself to Your Neighbours


To truly transplant yourself, you need to put down new roots. And while getting settled in your home is one part of it, getting involved in your local community is another. Take a risk, make your famous cookies or grab some local beers, and start knocking on your neighbours’ doors. Even if they don’t end up being your best friends, it’s good to know who you are living with and neighbours often look out for each other!



post moving checklist



Good luck with the move!


Urszula Kudla


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